Hey, do you still remember those days we get some coins to buy our first bread or roti canai? The day we get the notes rather than coins, just to buy some fried rice or noodle soup? And now, using Dad’s, or maybe own credit card to purchase movie ticket online? These are some of the evolution of how we spend our money.

Credit Card, if you used it wisely, of cause you can experience the convenience it brought. However, to prevent from bearing a big burden of debt, Debit Card now exists to solve the problem!

Both the credit card and debit card give the same concept of not to bring too much money inside one’s wallet or purse. However, credit card is in a postpaid method, which means after you swipe, you will only require to pay back a month later. On the other hand, debit card which is the prepaid method, will straightly deduct your card’s money that had reload to it.

From a study, it discovered that there is a transaction growth of 8% by using debit card in the second half of 2008. In 2009, there will be further growth despite of recession.
(Further information, please click on http://www.atmmarketplace.com/article.php?id=11024)

The growth of debit card should not be doubt on, because the used of debit card is too broad. Below are some of the examples where debit card can apply on:

  1. Purchase petrol, groceries, or fast food
  2. Purchase movie ticket
  3. Purchase theme park ticket
  4. Withdrawal of cash
  5. Online bill payment or online purchase
  6. Student bill payment
  7. Replacement of traveler cheque, cash
  8. Toll payment
  9. Public transport fare
  10. Parking fee

Below are some examples of Pre-paid Cash Card:

1. Obopay
What is Obopay?
How Obopay work?

2. Touch ’n Go
What is Touch ‘n Go?
Where to use Touch ‘n Go?

3. Visa Debit Card
What is Visa Debit Card?
Why Visa Debit Card?

4. Octopus
Octopus user guide:

5. EZ-Link
EZ-Link’s feature:
Where to use EZ-Link?

6. Public Bank UTAR Debit MasterCard
PB UTAR Debit Master Card User Guide:


many famous pre-paid card is listed here... good info

I too know the Obopay when finding info for this post. Else cards I'd ever seen or heard of that. I still feel that Debit Card is much more better than Credit Card (In my opinion)

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